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Messianic Web Links

These are all sites we have found useful, though we do not necessarily endorse all views expressed on them .


Aliyah Ministries

Operation Exodus
Christians Care International - Christians standing with Israel and the Jewish people

Congregations and Fellowships - UK

Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, Norwich
Asefat HaMaschiach, North West Messianic Meetup
Beit Anya Messianic Fellowship, Ramsgate
Beit Nitzachon Messianic Congregation, Stamford Hill
Beit Sar Shalom, Golders Green
B'Nai Maccabim Covenant Synagogue, London
Leeds Messianic Fellowship
Sulam Ya'aqov Messianic Fellowship, Prestwich, Manchester
Tree of Life Fellowship, Ilford, Essex
T'Shuvah Messianic Synagogue, Leicester
Zera Avraham Messianic Synagogue, Coulsdon, Surrey

Directories And Search Engines

Crowns of Glory
International Messianic Directory
Messianic Jewish Top 100 Sites
Messianic Links

Israel News And Prayer Topics

Bridges For Peace
David Dolan - News From Israel
For Zion's Sake Ministries' News Report
The Golden Report
Jerusalem News Network
MaozIsrael Report
Standing With Israel
Tzemach News Service - news events concerning Israel and the Jewish people


Achot HaTorah - Sisters Of The Torah
Artists For Israel International
Beit Shalom - Hebraic Roots Ministries
Beit Shalom Publications
A Believer In Yeshua
Biblical Research Institute
CFJ Ministries
Christian Friends of Israel - Jerusalem
Christian Friends of Israel - UK : Home Page
Christian Friends of Israel - North East
Christians for Israel
David's Tent!
D'Var Emet - Word Of Truth
Echad Ministry
Embrace Israel
First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) - Messianic Ministry in Jerusalem
For Zion's Sake Ministries
The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
Gateways Beyond
Good News for Israel
Gospel Research Foundation
Hatikva Ministries - The Gates
Heart for Israel
Howard Morgan Ministries
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
Israel My Beloved
Israel's Harvest Ministries
Mayim Hayim Ministries
Messengers of Messiah
MessiahNet: Hebraic Community for Messianic, Jewish and Christian Believers
The Messianic Gathering Place
Messianic Jewish Communications
Messianic Messages
Moriel Ministries
Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry
Olive Tree MessiahCam
Outreach Israel Ministries
Ray Of Hope Ministries
Restoration Foundation
Revive Israel
Saltshakers Messianic Community
Servants Of Y'shua Ministries
SHMA Israel
The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism
Todah Home Page
Tzemach Institute - equiping believers through the Scriptures
Vision for Israel
Yeshua Ministries
Zola Levitt Ministries

Music & Worship

Alicia Smith
Amiti ::: Messianic Israeli Music
Elisheva Shomron
Kathy Shooster
Marty Goetz
Messiah Songs
Messianic / Jewish Worship
Messianic Sheet Music
Music From Israel
Paul Wilbur
Settel International Ministries
Songs For Yahweh
Ted Pearce
White Linen Music


Association of Jewish and Christian Believers
Association of Messianic Believers
British Messianic Jewish Association
Chosen People Ministries
The Congregation Of Yahweh
International Federation of Messianic Jews
International Messianic Jewish Alliance
Ireland Messianic Jewish Foundation
Messianic Bureau International
Messianic Israel Alliance
MJAA - Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Messianic Jewish Movement International
Netzarim - Restored 'Nazarene Jews' of Israel
Observant Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Association
Tikkun Ministries International
Union Of British Messianic Synagogues
Union of European Messianic Synagogues
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
Union of Two House Messianic Congregations

Outreach Ministries

Ariel Ministries
Chaim - A Reformed Ministry To The Jewish People
Chosen People Ministries
CMJ - Church's Ministry Among Jewish People
Come to Zion Outreach Messianic Ministry
Dugit Messianic Outreach Center
Hear Now
Jewish Voice Ministries International
Jews for Jesus (believers)
Jews for Jesus (seekers)
Jews for Jesus UK
Keren HaShlichut - Israeli Association of Messianic Jewish Emissaries
Messianic Literature Outreach
Messianic Literature Outreach Tracts
The Messianic Testimony - A Christian Witness to Jewish People
Mission To Israel
Out Of Zion Ministries
Reaching Israel And The Jewish People
Word of Messiah Ministries


Aramaic New Testament
Artists For Israel International Messianic Bible Society
The Bible Society in Israel
Flame Foundation
Gates Of Eden
Jerusalem Christian Review
The Messianic Times
Institute for Scripture Research

Radio And TV

The Heart of Israel Internet Radio
Hebrew Psalms Internet Radio Station
Jew And Gentile Radio Broadcast
MBI Radio from MBI Yeshiva
Messianic Perspectives Webcast
Messianic Worship Radio
Moriel Internet Radio
One In Messiah Radio


Blow The Shofar In Zion - Messianic Jewish Gifts
The Galilee Experience
Harvest Store Home Page
High Places Judaica
Jerusalem Gifts
Messianica.Net - Messianic Books
Purple Pomegranate Productions
Sar Shalom - a catalog of Resources for Messianic Life
The Shofar Man
Shouts of Joy - Judaica Information, Products and Fellowship.


About Torah - Online Beit Midrash
Biblical Holidays: Jewish Holy Days point to the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)
Biblical Research Institute Articles
Davidic Dance
Did God Lie?
EliYah's Home Page
En-Gedi Resource Center
Heart Of Israel - The Shul Of The Web
Hebraic Roots of Christianity
Jerusalem - God's Eternal City Website
Jesus is a Jew
Junior Shul
Kesherweb: Hebraic Connections
Mashiach Now!!!
Messianic Jewish Online - messianic judaism and jewish roots
Messianic Judaism 101
The Messianic Literary Corner
Messianic Studies Resource Center
Mishkan HaShekinah - The Tabernacle Of The Presence
Moshe Zew's World Wide Witness
Psalm Singer Messianic Ministries
The Refiner's Fire
Saltshakers' Library Messianica
Seed Of Abraham
Shaddai - To The Jew First
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
TorahBytes - Weekly Torah Commentary from a Messianic Perspective
The Watchman
Yad b'Yad Ministries. Studies based on the First Century Church.
Yeshua Connection